Multimedia & Video

A strong video can take your marketing to the next level – it’s that simple. At VN Productions, we produce high quality videos and multimedia productions to help our clients make the strongest possible impact with their marketing:

  • Full in house editing and production
  • Film on-site video
  • ‚Ä®Produce interview-style footage
  • Incorporate static graphics and images
  • Write and record voice over tracks
  • Produce original music

Think a project like this is too expensive? A multi-media video can actually be produced very inexpensively using just your graphics, pictures, and a voice over script. We can manipulate your still images to create video effects and produce a product that is sure to impress! Contact us today to explore the options.


Project Example

When someone says “video,” do you think “$$$?” Think again! This is an example of how we can use your pictures, graphics, and other materials to create an engaging multi-media presentation with a voice over and music. Of course, taking high definition video to incorporate is wonderful. But, if your budget won’t allow for actual filming, we can still produce a powerful product and stay within your budget!

Project Example

A short and catchy video “commercial” can be a great tool to add to a page on your website, include in a presentation, or at an event.